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One who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person or cause.

Modern Advocate is dedicated to inspiring and educating youth about healthy living and community growth through advocacy and collaborative hands-on programs. Creative partnerships throughout the world have created a team of Modern Advocates who work together to engage young people as an empowered community.

Alternative sports is our language, healthy living is our credo, and teamwork is our only rule. Working as one - we are unstoppable!

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Last week, Modern Advocate had the honor of chatting with Greg Morley and his crew at his grass roots, skate and surf, community-grown shop Republik Of Kalifornia. The purpose of our meeting was simple: How can we work together to create more GOOD in our community?

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From the moment we walked into the ROK shop, there was an undeniable connection. We both believe in the power of community, free thinking, and the need to discover new ways to communicate our positive lifestyle.

ROK was started by Greg as “an independent collective of people, places, and things that pioneer a modern path west to the timeless prospect of open space and free thinking.” Greg! You are the man! We could not have said it any better.

We are honored to welcome ROK into the Modern Advocate family, and look forward to being radical, charging forward, and creating GOOD together.

One good person at a time, we are expanding the building blocks of change. Unite & Amplify!


MA Bahamas [Eleuthera]

There is no better way to kick off the new year than in the Bahamas, with an amazing community, great friends and a focus on doing good with the Bahamian people. For the first two weeks of 2014, Modern Advocate was stationed on Eleuthera, one of the Out Islands of the Bahamas. At 110 miles long and barely 2 miles wide, Eleuthera separates the calm Exuma Sound from the raging Atlantic and as such, holds the best of both worlds.

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To the west spans a breathtaking sea of turquoise, blues and greens, calm and comforting as if straight off of a post card; to the east, the Atlantic, which unleashes the raw power of nature with open-ocean swells crashing into coral cliffs. After a storm passes, here you will also find some of the most enticing, crystal clear waves a surfer could ask for.

It was in the small village of Gregory Town that Jake Glaser, Modern Advocate founder, became drawn to this beautiful community. From surfing some of the island’s best breaks, to helping perfect local childrens’ “tire slides” and rock-skipping skills, Jake and his friends found a connection and a desire to give back.

Sitting around the kitchen table over an island-cooked meal with friends and family, Jake, Diesel Canada CEO Joey Adler, and a local advocate from Gregory Town hatched a plan to build a skateboard park on the island. Inspired as much by the budding local skate culture as the island’s commitment to empowering their communities, the goal was set to start with a skateboard park as a beacon of healthy living through action sports, and grow from there.

We are stoked and hope you are as well. View more on Project Eleuthera


Making an Impact for AIDS Patients

Article from Wall Street Journal

If former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is looking for any heartfelt sound bites for a potential 2016 presidential bid, she may need to look no further than what was said on stage of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Global Impact gala on Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Clinton received the Global Impact Award for her leadership in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Nigel Barker hosted the gala, which also celebrated the foundation's 25th anniversary....


Our Story

Modern Advocate began long before the idea was even conceived. Four friends, connected by a shared love for humanity, set out on a mission to cultivate a lifestyle and social platform that embraces positive change through a co-creative process. It became clear that no matter what the circumstance, we had embarked on a mutual journey to do good. It was our passion for life and shared philanthropic perspectives that prompted us to partner and manifest the Modern Advocate vision.

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With alternative sports as our vehicle, Modern Advocate’s mission is to bring charities, brands, and communities together to innovate and collaborate on community building activities. Using positive lifestyle as our communication model, we strive to educate, inspire and empower individuals and communities throughout the world utilizing a common love for alternative sports, music and the arts.

We define Advocacy as: “one who speaks or writes in defense of a person or cause.” Our goal is to effect individual action and behavior on a day-to-day basis, which will in-turn effect entire communities.

At our core, Modern Advocate represents teamwork and the need to work together “as one” to build sustainable futures while being a beneficial presence on our planet.

UNITE AND AMPLIFY : working as one - we are unstoppable.


Time for Heros Event: Create Your Skate

On Sunday, June 2nd, Modern Advocate teamed up with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, OC Ramps and Street artists Max Neutra and Annie Preece at their annual A Time For Heroes family carnival. The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation implements life saving care and treatment around the world through their PMTCT Programs (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission).

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Today, because of the dedicated work of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, we now know how to stop the transmission of HIV from a mother to her baby.

It was an honor to support co-founder Jake Glaser's mothers foundation through art, music, and alternative sports. Our arts and crafts section of the event, “Create Your Skate,” brought friends and families together, creating amazing pieces of art. Everyone at the event received a one off skateboard designed by local street Artist Max Neutra, and with paint pens in hand, designed some of the sickest boards we have ever seen. We even had Richard Simmons, the entire OC Ramps Team, and Gwen Stefani and her kids Create A Skate!!!!

This event was especially monumental for Modern Advocate as it was our first event ever! Starting with a meeting between Jake Glaser and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation a goal was set for Modern Advocate to host the arts and crafts area at their annual fundraiser A Time For Heroes Family Carnival.

With the Modern Advocate team around their conference table, which at that point was the local coffee shop, Create Your Skate was born. An activity that would engage people in creative and fun ways, carry a loud message of HIV/AIDS education, and that would bring communities together for charity. Reaching out to the street art community, we sat down with an incredible individual, Max Neutra. After sharing our idea, and a long bro-mance over a sub sandwich it was obvious that Max was in and dedicated.

We had 4 steps. First, get 500 skateboards, thanks to California Skate Supply…done. Second, manufacture 6 laser cut stencils of Max’s signature piece of art, the ghetto blaster, or “boom box.” It was the obvious, how better than to amplify our message than with a boom box. Third, gather friends and family at Box 24 Studio, in Venice Beach, California for a stencil party like none other; it actually might have been the first. We had an incredible turn out, along with Kyle Ellis, bringing in his mobile screen printing rig and lacing up shirts for all of our awesome volunteers.

7 hours, 12 pizzas, and 10 gallons of acrylic paint later, 500 skateboards had been stenciled, laid out to dry, and then packed up for the Sunday ahead.

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013, the sun rose, as we set up at Century City Park in Los Angeles, California. Our day had arrived.

Along-side the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Disney, an amazing spread of the top restaurants in LA, OC Ramps, and ONE Foundation, and a long list of supporters from film, TV, music and sports, the day kicked off. As more and more people came in, boards started flying out of our tent, before we knew it, tables were filled and people of all ages were laying down color after color. From foundation ambassadors from The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, to celebrities and their families, everyone was side by side, creating art, learning about the amazing work EGPAF does around the world, and most importantly, discovering ways to get involved.

We would like to send a big thank you to The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, ONE, Disney , Gwen Stefani, OC Ramps, Max Neutra, Annie Preece and all of the volunteers for joining our crew on that amazing Sunday. We had a great time creating boards, basking in the sun and saving lives along side all of you.

Be sure to check out the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation at to learn more about their incredible life saving work and stay tuned for more Modern Advocate events to come, featuring “Create Your Skate.”


Annie Preece [Advocate]

Street Artist, Advocate for young women, Survivor

Modern Advocate Annie Preece has lived many lifetimes. Born on the San Francisco Peninsula in 1981, Preece was welcomed into a family of accomplished and recognized artists. With encouragement from her family her natural talent blossomed. Art enveloped her and she began to demonstrate her own unique abilities by age five.

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By age sixteen she was one of the first female underground guerrilla graffiti artists in San Francisco, and had gained a respected reputation with other street artists for her free flowing use of color and personal intense style. With a move to Santa Cruz, she started painting canvases and her work was an instant hit with locals, selling quickly at several venues in the Central Coast town. Traveling further south to Los Angeles, Annie has been working hard to conquer the street art scene.

Preece has had no formal art training and her work shows up on the self described big-messy-pop-loud-humorous-sometimes political canvases, murals and other surfaces. Annie’s pieces are large in size, emotion and feeling and can be seen and enjoyed in many galleries, art walks, and walls in the area.

Preece, silly and sassy, is flourishing in the City of Angels.

In June of 2013, Annie joined Modern Advocate to share her art and her story as inspiration for all, but specifically for young women who are facing challenges along the journey of self discovery.

Her first event with Modern Advocate supported the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation ( at their annual Time For Heroes Family Carnival. Annie showed up at the break of dawn, aerosol in hand, ready paint. With not much time to work, she sprayed our two 45ft Skateboard runs presented by Tyler Large, the owner and founder of OC Ramps and their Skateboard Team. He vibrant colors and energetic style brought an amazing element to the skateboard demos that ran all day.

We are proud to have Annie as a Modern Advocate as she is second to none. Her energy is contagious, her art is out of this world, and she is affecting more and more young women every day with her outgoing, expressive style.

Check out Annie’s web site (, her latest work at X-Games 2013, and her upcoming show on wheels, that’s right, on wheels. Annie will be working with Los Angeles Metro to lace up our public transportation with some bright colors, super sick designs and the always present, Love Annie. Thank you Annie for being you!!!!!


Donald Schultz [Advocate]

Born in South Africa, Modern Advocate Donald Schultz is a world-renowned venom expert, writer, photographer and extreme adventurer and has been in the public eye for most of his life. Donald started to work with reptiles at the age of 13 and was fortunate to have an internship at the world-famous Fitzsimons Snake Park, where he received a sound schooling in herpetology.

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By Donald giving demonstrations and spending endless hours studying snake behavior, catching venomous snakes became second nature, and his fascination with these creatures became the bedrock of his career.

Donald’s career and passion has grown beyond snakes to include all wild animals which lead to the creation of Donald’s Eco Tour Company specializing in wild animal eco tours with special attention to the conservation of our wild life on this planet.

Donald is also an extreme spots advocate and adventurer. With a focus on proximity wing suiting, Donald travels the world flying his incredible suit along-side extreme sports athletes such as Danny Way, Bob Burnquist, and BJ Penn.

Being our first Modern Advocate ambassador, Donald and his crew have been traveling the world, advocating for healthy living, and educating youth through alternative sports and an edgy lifestyle, wing suiting from country to country. Flying into communities with the awesome message of “Boarders are Man Made,” Donald brings inspiration and awe to each and every person he reaches.

Donald strives to push the envelope, focusing on new ways to implement venoms into medical research, and being an amazing advocate for alternative sports. His travels and perspective inspire and educate so many, and we are proud to have him as our first Modern Advocate Ambassador!!

Thank you Donald,
Big Ups Brooooo!!!!!!


Max Neutra [Advocate]

Modern Advocate, Max Neutra, was born in an apartment just across from the Sidewalk Cafe on the boardwalk of Venice Beach. It was not long before his parents began to hear the call of New Mexico and so at age six his family moved to an old coal mining town called Madrid twenty miles south of Santa Fe. It was in this small town where Max spent his youth running wild in the desert, often coming home at the end of the day with his face blackened from the dust of the the coal hills.

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Throughout his entire life, Max has always felt driven to create. Most of his school work was decorated with sketches and illustrations, and he left a trail of drawings gifted to friends throughout the years. But it wasn’t until 2005 that Max turned to visual art as a career. After an epiphany in a coffee shop, Max had realized that his most natural state was one of creative output, and that was the very moment he decided that his calling was to be an artist.

Buying himself some proper art supplies, Max quickly got to work discovering and defining his visual voice. With influences like Ralf Steadman, Gerald Scarfe, and Egon Schiele, he developed a loose and expressive style. He worked in a quick and messy fashion, and soon realized that he did not mind painting in front of an audience. After spending five years painting live on the streets, in galleries, bars, clubs, and festivals in Los Angeles, Max Neutra made a name for himself as one of the city’s premier contemporary artists. He has been commissioned by Toyota, Warner Brothers Records, and has risen to the international arena through sponsored tours across Europe and India.

Loud with color, expression, emotion, and life, Max has a lot to say and sends his message through explosive creation.

As a Modern Advocate, Max is an inspiration to many. Being a voice in the artist community, Max strongly supports the need for arts programs in schools and truly understands the positive it can bring to someone’s life. Max and his art are proof, capturing your imagination and taking you on a radical journey of expression through art, watching Max create live in front of your eyes is inspirational to say the least.

Follow Max on and, check out his awesome creations, and stay tuned as Modern Advocate and Max Neutra team up to do GOOD!!


Borders are man-made

On Thursday, August, 15th, Modern Advocate teamed up with advocate an street artist Annie Preece, advocate and proximity wing suit jumper Donald Schultz and Box 24 Studio in Venice Beach, CA, for a one off custom art wing suit.

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As a collaboration between two of our amazing advocates, the suit will be taken by Donald Schultz to Africa, Brazil and lastly Costa Rica to be flown from community to community advocating on behalf of the alternative sports community and Modern Advocate.

Flying around the world, Donald educates youth on poisonous venoms and proper treatment of snake bites. After his international tour, Donald will head back home to the US, so keep your eyes out for some sick footage and much more to come!